An Artistic Statement

   I invite the viewer to see the order, coherence and harmony before them. To lift the veil from their eyes to recognize the beauty that infuses our everyday world. To become aware of the pulse of light and shadow that illuminates and informs our senses to the majesty of  earth's beauty.

Earth, air and water are responded to with spontaneity and honesty so they speak for themselves.

Working in concert with nature, we weave our form and her spirit into hypnotic spaces of enchanment.  It is here that I invite you to linger and know the exquisite touch of the beauty that surrounds us. It is magic!

The challenge of Plein Air paiting is a dance with the elements. Light continually changes. Buds march relentlessly to blooms. And skies are constantly in flux

But for me, it is in this envelope of atmosphere that I can capture the feeling of place.

Through the use of composition, the push and pull of light, using clear, vibrant color allows me to capture the immediacy of the moment. Here on location, a plane of water often opens up a two-dimensional format. Air creates movement. And composition forges depth into a canvas.

The task of the Plein air painter for me, is to act as an interpreter. My purpose is not to simply replicate the scene. It is to preserve the envelope of the moment so that when the viewer turns their attention to the painting it is like uncorking a fine bottle of wine. It fills their senses and their hearts.

 My purpose is to draw the viewer into an experience where elegant order prevails. So we may recognize where beauty is quietly woven through our day and we appreciate her.

Last Dance

Marsh Echoes  18 X 24"   $995